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Who is FuzzeeDee (David Reid):

I first started learning computer programming in 1981 at age 15. It was love at first sight. I traded a stereo for my first computer a couple years later. It was a Tandy MC-10. It had a whopping 4K of RAM, and later I got the 16K RAM Pack that plugged in the back. For data storage I used a standard cassette recorder that supported remote control and had an external mic port. It hooked up to a small colour TV. I've pretty much had one kind of computer or another ever since.

In 1986 I did my first hardware level alteration of a computer, when I added a clock chip to a Realistic 1000SX computer from Radio Shack. This was a system based on the 8088 CPU. It had (2) 5.25" Floppy drives, 640K RAM, 16 Colour EGA Monitor, Keyboard, 9 pin dot matrix printer, Joystick and a GIANT steel ball mouse.

In 1991 I graduated with honours from Compucollege School of Business in Burnaby, BC, Canada in programming & systems analysis. Later that year I started learning my first serious graphics program called Corel Draw 2.0. In 1992 I built my first computer from used parts.

It was a 386 with a 387 math CoPro, a 20 MB MFM hard drive that I connected to an RLL controller and low level formatted to get just under 40 MB, 1.44 MB 3.5" floppy drives, 10" IBM VGA monitor rocking 640 X 480 X 256 colour graphics, 3600 baud modem, 24 pin Dot matrix printer. I even ran BBS called "Dave's Quest For Fun" which was fairly popular at the time. I had online games, fido net echo mail and several forums. I had a couple of hundred users and had some pretty successful teams in gaming leagues on the old turn based online games.

In 1995 I started my first computer company called "Night Rider Computer Services" where I did programming, computer sales, graphics design and tech work. In 1996 I partnered with a friend and started a small town, weekly, free press paper with a circulation of about 2400. Around 2003 I started a new computer company with a partner doing the same work as before but we also added computer networking and I was also doing Desktop Publishing (DTP) including business cards, Flyers and Résumé's. While still doing that I started another company with 3 other people doing Web Page design, Web Hosting, online custom programming, etc. In 2008 I fell ill and had to give up the companies.

In 2011 I switched from the PC world to Apple with a 13" MacBook Pro and iPad 1. In Jan 2020 I finally regained enough health to start getting serious about computers again. This time around though, I have no interest in tech work or web design except for what I need to do for myself.

My newest passion aside from Graphics design is Video editing. It was something I needed to learn to pursue running multiple YouTube channels. I discovered I absolutely love it and as with most things related to computers I am learning it very fast. I rapidly discovered major limitations with apples iMovie. After doing some research I moved to DaVinci Resolve 16. It was a bit of a learning curve, but I am pretty comfortable with it now, although I still have much to learn.

My primary tech related YouTube channel is all about tech Tutorials and it can be found here: FuzzeeDee Tutorials

Our Mission

My mission is to bring you quality tutorials for computer tech. I will cover subjects related to the Apple Universe, YouTube Channels, Graphics design for Vector & Bitmap graphics, Photo editing, Video Editing and Internet security & safety. I will also be making some resources available here as well. The first thing I am adding is DaVinci Resolve 16 resources, such as Effects Library Titles & Transitions which can be used from both the "Edit" page and the "Fusion" page. You can find those on the "DaVinci Resources" Page of this site.

I am also venturing back into custom computer builds, check out my "Computers" page on this site for more info.

Check out this interview with me from: Open Mic Podcast

Tandy MC-10 computer
Tandy MC-10 computer back view
Tandy MC-10 computer with accessories
Tandy MC-10 computer all hooked up
Please Note: These are not pictures of the computer I actually owned. These are stock photos I found online, but they are identical.
FuzzeeDee at work
FuzzeeDee @ work on my "Couch Desk"